Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, triсhologist, Kursk

Cosmetologist, triсhologist Alina Burtseva, Kursk

Have you ever asked yourself “What is the point of cosmetology?” …
Women often say that natural appearance is much better and more attractive than the “artificial” face. It’s more healthy. In part, I’m ready to accept this position, but in part only.
Let’s draw a parallel between cosmetology and general medicine. Almost every one of us took or takes vitamins, various medicines that improve brain function, work of the cardiovascular system, probiotics, improving the microflora of the intestines and much more. Why do we all do this? The answer is obvious: to increase the duration of your priceless life. Of course, the process of absorption of all these drugs is not natural process. However, we had a long and difficult way to reach this process, we spent a lot of time. And now our average lifetime is 72 years, unlike a hundred years ago, when it was about 65 years.
A logical question arises: why don’t we make our appearance healthier and younger? After all, in the current conditions of life, where stress, poor nutrition, the impact of the environment mercilessly attack our face, hair and skin in general. And these parts of our body need protection and proper treatment. In the modern world, it is not enough just to wash a face and eat healthy food, so that your face and hair are healthy. Additional sources of beauty are required and I am ready to open them for you.
The most innovative methods, the most modern equipment, many years of successful experience and my love for my job will always allow you to look perfect!


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Alina Burtseva, cosmetologist, triсhologist, Kursk


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