1. Large pores

2. Oily skin

3. Acne

4. The presence of comedones (“black dots”)

5. Decreased skin tone

6. Noticeable skin defects (adipose, milium, etc.)

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Our face is daily exposed to the sun, wind, dust, frost, resulting in clogged pores, the skin gets insufficient oxygen, and then loses its elasticity, grows old, comedones (black dots), pimples and other cosmetic defects appear. Here you cannot do without purification!

Facial cleansing helps to remove dirt, sebum, dead cells and reсover smoothness, velvety and healthy appearance to the skin. That is why it is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures.

• Ultrasonic – the skin is cleansed of external contaminants, the dead cells of the epidermis are removed, the sebaceous gland ducts are reduced, the surface comedones (black dots) are removed, and the micro-massage of the skin at the cellular level takes place under the influence of high-frequency oscillations. As a result, metabolic processes in the cells, blood circulation and lymph circulation in the skin are improved.

• Mechanical – removal of comedones (black dots), milium (patsy) manually.


Depending on the skin type, I recommend this or that cleaning option, but for the best result I combine mechanical with ultrasonic.

After cleansing the skin, if there are no contraindications, I do a light peeling (even in the summer!) with a minimum concentration of acids. Then, to open the pores, the skin is stripped, which results in the loosening of the stratum corneum of the epidermis. The skin is exposed to a jet of moist warm steam for several minutes or a special gel is applied which moisturizes the skin, while the epidermal cells swell and thereby lead to a weakening of the intercellular bonds of the keratocytes. The gel is covered with a film and left for 15-25 minutes (cold hydrogenation method).

Further on, ultrasonic face cleaning is performed. If it is excluded, then I immediately proceed to the mechanical. In this case, a sterile thin needle is used to open the deep comedones, sometimes I use a spoon of Uno (acne extractor).

The procedure should not last too long, as the pores will be closed and the procedure will become even more painful. If there are a lot of rashes, it is better to leave some of them for later, so as not to torment the patient and not cause undesirable reactions after the procedure. Therefore, with multiple inflammations on the face skin, the procedure is done in several stages.

Then the skin is treated with special balancing tonics and a soothing, anti-inflammatory mask is applied. If required, after the procedure I also conduct darsonvalization.

1. Acute inflammatory processes

2. Serious diseases of the cardiovascular system (severe hypertension, post-infarction and post-stroke state)

3. Oncological diseases 4. Pregnancy (any term)

Oily skin – every 15-30 days, combining with therapeutic care, until the skin is completely regenerated Normal skin – every 2-3 months Dry skin – every 3-6 months Number of procedures may be changed according to patient’s problem.

1200-2500 RUB

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