1. Improve the skin structure and align its relief.
  2. Pull up the face.
  3. Smoothing of the nasolacrimal furrow, nasolabial folds, periorbital area wrinkles (crow’s feet), labial folds, perioral area (around the lips).
  4. Increased the volume of cheekbones.
  5. Modeling the shape of the nose, chin.
  6. Increase, correction of the lips’ shape.
  7. Correction of atrophic scars.
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We are women, and if we love ourselves, we always strive for excellence in everything. If we talk about the beauty of women, it is hard to define it, and, especially, to describe it. Everyone has his own ideal of beauty. And, to achieve it, women are looking for “flaws” in themselves – someone is unhappy with the shape of the nose, someone has thin lips, little cheekbones, or “floated” the oval of faces. Previously, only plastic surgeons could fix this, but today everyone can afford this unique procedure, because there is a safer alternative way that will eliminate external shortcomings or transform you.
So, contour plastic is the introduction into the skin of a biologically active substance, for a long time, in order to correct age-related changes, post-traumatic skin defects, with the purpose of increasing or correcting the lips, cheekbones, changes in the shape of the nose, chin.
Preparations (fillers) used for contour plastics are made more often on the basis of stabilized hyaluronic acid, which gives the effect of rejuvenation for a long period. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the intercellular substance; therefore, the fillers are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and easily contact the tissues of the body. All drugs differ in their density and viscosity, as well as skin, subcutaneous fat in different areas of the face are different.


As a rule, the procedure of contour plastic takes 30-40 minutes. On consultation with the doctor the necessary preparation and its quantity is determined. The gel is in an individual syringe, in sterile package, which the doctor opens in your presence. Also, do not forget to look at the markings, where the series and batch are written, as well as the expiration date. Depending on the modeled area, it can be performed under local anesthesia, but often pain sensations are insignificant. After the procedure, there may be a small swelling that would fade away quickly. The effect is visible immediately, wrinkles go away, skin density rises, skin moisturization and color improvement appear within 2 weeks, but a repeated procedure may be required for a more distinct result. At the competent expert, effect from contour plastic is comparable to plastic surgery, but with no regenerative period.ей, только при этом отсутствует восстановительный период.

There are about 80 fillers and about 40 manufacturers.

There are the main groups of implants (they are also gels, fillers):

  1. Permanent (silicone).
  2. Biodegradable:

– Based on collagen

– Based on hyaluronic acid

– Based on calcium hydroxyapatite
Preparations based on hyaluronic acid, as I mentioned above, are safe, they are easy to use, and have minimal risk of migration under the skin. Since hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our skin, allergic reactions are absent, it lasts for 6-18 months and over time, it is completely destroyed in the body before carbon dioxide and water.
The drug of my choice (based on hyaluronic acid) is the Restylane line (Restylane, Switzerland). All preparations of this popular brand differ in their density and viscosity, depending on the zone of introduction.

Retinal Touch (R. Touch) is a dermal filler for fine wrinkles.

Restylane is designed to correct wrinkles of medium depth. It remains active for 6-8 months.

Restylane Perlane (R. Perlane) is a denser drug that acts for 12-18 months and is used to correct deep wrinkles.

Restylane SabQ is a three-dimensional preparation that allows you to adjust the area of the cheekbones, chin.

Restylane Lip Volume is a filler designed specifically for lip augmentation and correction.

I also like using Juvederm, Teosial, which I will talk about later.

The drug based on calcium hydroxiapatite microspheres is Radiess (Germany). A natural injection filler that has 100% biocompatibility with human tissues and stimulates the production of collagen. The gel provides correction for 15-20 months.

Its effect after injection differs in that the procedure requires 25% less drug than with correction with hyaluronic acid. Gel carrier (which contains microspheres of hydroxyapatite calcium) resolves after 2 months and stimulation of collagen production begins. Radiess can act up to two years and it is absolutely biodegradable drug.

  1. Pregnant women and women during lactation.
  2. Diseases associated with bleeding disorders.
  3. Ingestion of anticoagulants.
  4. Reception of immunomodulators and immunosuppressants
  5. Various diseases in the stage of exacerbation.

The procedure is performed in one or two stages (with a difference of 2 weeks). It can be changed if necessary.


8500 – 35 000 RUB

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